Brand Persona

If your business had a personality, what traits and characteristics would define them, and how would these traits impact their relationships with stakeholders? 

To create a comprehensive portrait of your enterprise for potential clients, employees, and partners, entrepreneurs and leadership teams should explore various dimensions of their company. This exploration spans the physical presentation, communication style, behavior, and the role your business plays within the community. The persona of your business is revealed through a deep understanding of its core beliefs, how it manifests those beliefs, and the perception it creates in others. The unsaid characteristics of your business will uncover the essence of your business and discover how it resonates with the people that it encounters. 

“The only way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi 

What is a Brand Persona?

The Outside Perspectives defines a Brand Persona as a powerful tool in shaping how your business is perceived by others. Exploring beyond your logo or tagline; it is the unique lens through which your audience views your business, offering them a deeper understanding of its identity. This perspective gives your brand a personality with distinct traits, values, and a unique voice that resonates with your target audience. By personifying your brand in this way, you create a relatable and individual relationship with your clients, forging a stronger and more enduring connection. 

The brand persona is entirely unique to your business. It has a tone and style that, when encountered, instantly signals to people that what they’re seeing or experiencing is associated with your brand, be it an advertisement, a video, a website, or a product. It’s about ensuring that every interaction reflects your Foundation, which is the essence of what your business stands for. 

A strong Brand Persona helps you stand out as an individual and presents the opportunity to inspire brand loyalty. It guides your branding and marketing efforts, ensuring a consistent and authentic representation of your business, while making it easier for clients to connect with your brand on a personal level. In a world where consumers crave authenticity and connection, a well-defined brand persona can be a game-changer, helping your business thrive and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. 

What can a Brand Persona Be?

A strong Brand Persona serves as a catalyst for relationships between your business and its clients, partners, employees, and prospects paving the way for multiple opportunities:

Differentiation: By showcasing the core of your business, its uniqueness sets the business apart from competitors, making it more visible and appealing.

Consistency: By delivering consistent messaging and experiences your audience becomes more accustomed to your messages and form more appropriate expectations.

Audience Connection: Forging an emotional bond with your customers fosters brand loyalty and has the potential to begin a strong Client Journey that builds raving fans.

Authenticity: Creating alignment of your business’s Core Values and communicating them through action builds your audience’s confidence in your business’s ability to be transparent and forge an authentic image.

Effect Marketingive: Streamlining marketing efforts, enabling tailored messaging that enhances campaign efficiency with a set of guidelines that directly represent your business.

Cohesive Branding: Ensuring that every aspect of your business aligns with your brand’s identity, creating a unified brand image that is identifiable and consistent with following your business’s beliefs and pursuits.

Resilience: Encouraging customer loyalty during challenges and crises, offering a cushion during adversity sets your business up for Anti-Fragility allowing the business to grow even in uncertain economic trials.

Word of Mouth and Referrals: Satisfying customers become vocal advocates, extending your reach and reputation.

Expansion and Diversification: Providing a standard for growth and diversification, as customers are more willing to explore new offerings.

We believe deep relationships are the cornerstone of good business; a clearly defined Brand Persona is a powerful tool; it becomes the very essence of what your business stands for. It clearly communicates the essence of your business and provides a roadmap for translating these beliefs into actionable expressions. Your brand persona shapes your business’s perception; and reshapes the way others perceive it, forging connections that are deeply meaningful. The exploration of your business as a person provides a perspective that fuels growth, offers clarity in times of ambiguity, and prompts self-reflection in the pursuit of excellence.

How can you use a Brand Persona?

Step 1: Gain Clarity of Mission
Does your Business have a Mission statement compelling enough to be a cause worth rallying behind?    At the heart of every thriving organization lies a well-crafted mission statement: a concise declaration that delivers the essence of why the business exists. It is the North Star which guides the organization’s decision-making and is the driving force behind the company’s journey. By capturing the ‘why’ behind a business’s existence, a compelling mission statement can serve as a powerful catalyst, fostering deep and meaningful relationships with employees, clients, and partners, while inspiring teamwork and collaboration in support of a cause worth rallying for. From this statement identify one core aspect you want to be known for.
Step 2: Explore Expressions

What actions does your business participate in that expresses it’s core?

The Outside Perspectives Example:

Core: Curiosity

Collaboration: Group discovery meetings.
Clarity: One-to-One Communication with stakeholders.
Exploration: Asking questions from different perspectives on any given topic.

Step 3: Explore Perceptions

How would you like stakeholders to perceive your business?

The Outside Perspectives Example:

Core: Curiosity

Collaboration: Group discovery meetings.
Clarity: One-to-One Communication with stakeholders.
Exploration: Asking questions from different perspectives on any given topic.

Validated: You have a voice, we hear what is being said, and act accordingly.
Partnered: You do not have to do it alone.
Encouraged: You have everything you need to succeed.
Empowered: You are a unique part of our team.

In conclusion, a well-defined Brand Persona is more than a concept; it is the outward projection of what your business represents. It serves as a potent catalyst for building meaningful relationships and communication with clients, partners, employees, and prospects. Your business’s persona encapsulates the core beliefs, values, and voice that resonate with your target audience. The exploration of your business as a person provides a powerful perspective that ignites growth, offers clarity in times of uncertainty, and encourages self-reflection on the path to excellence. To build a strong Brand Persona, you must first gain clarity on your mission, crafting a compelling statement that serves as your business’s North Star. This mission becomes the driving force behind your journey, fostering deep connections with all stakeholders and inspiring collaboration in support of a cause worth rallying for. Next, explore how your business expresses its core through action, and determine how you want your audience to perceive your business. A well-defined Brand Persona unlocks the potential to stand out from the competition and inspire brand loyalty, authenticity, and resilience, all while setting the stage for expansion and diversification. Your brand persona becomes the driving force that propels your business forward in a world where relationships are at the heart of retention.
Round-Table Conversation Prompts

1. What is the singular core Value that we aim for our business to be acknowledged for?

2. What opportunities and possibilities exist for us to convey the core of our business through tangible actions?

3. How do we desire our audience to perceive us, and what emotions would we like them to associate with our brand?

Reimagine, Redefine, Reframe. 

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