About Us

Who We Are


A facilitator is a person who supports the guidance and management of group interactions and discussions to achieve specific objectives or outcomes. Their role is to ensure that the group’s processes are effective, productive, and focused on achieving the intended goals. Our Facilitators work in various settings, such as workshops, meetings, and development programs.

Primary Facilitator Responsibilities
Setting Objectives

Clearly defining the purpose and objectives of the group session or meeting.

Creating An Agenda

Developing a structured agenda that outlines the topics and activities to be covered.

Engaging Participants
Encouraging active participation and collaboration among group members.
Managing Discussions
Keeping the discussion on track and ensuring everyone has a chance to voice their opinions.
Encouraging Creativity
Fostering a creative and open environment for generating ideas and solutions.
Mediating Conflicts
Addressing any conflicts or disagreements that arise and supporting the group in grounded and respectful communication.
Summarizing key points and ideas to create a cohesive understanding.
Time Management
Keeping track of time to ensure that all agenda items are covered within the allocated timeframe.
Providing Support
Offering support and encouragement to group members throughout the process.
Ensuring Follow-Up
Clarifying action items and next steps after the session and ensuring follow-up on agreed-upon tasks.

Our Facilitators play a vital role in enhancing communication, collaboration, and decision-making within groups, making them valuable assets in achieving successful outcomes in our various engagement types.

Founding Facilitators

By Investing in ourselves we improve our ability to serve. 

Joel Couch

Joel Couch

Founder | CEO

Since 1998 he’s been empowering business owners to grow their business and mindset. He is uniquely gifted at cutting through the noise, uncovering inconsistencies, and communicating with people.

Brandon Hall

Brandon Hall

Founding Facilitator

Brandon Hall works with individuals and businesses to identify and push past limiting beliefs. He is talented in his ability to form strong connections, identify opportunities for growth, and re-frame the world.

By following our Core Values along with the concepts and processes we teach we are an embodiment of our work. We continuously search for learning opportunities and discovering new ways to facilitate our own growth journeys. 

Our beliefs help define us

What we Believe

You already have everything you need for success.

Comfort is the enemy of growth.

People are built for connection.

What do you believe?

What We Do

Our Mission

To facilitate the discovery of new business methods through tailored strategies, coaching and consulting techniques, and our Core Perspectives program, to transform our clients from response-driven to innovation-led.

Our Core Values


We believe that working together as a team leads to optimal solutions. We value collaboration and cooperation among team members, as well as within our community. We encourage diverse perspectives, creativity, and innovation to find the best solutions to challenges.


We believe that relationships are the foundation of our community. We value trust, authenticity, and building meaningful connections with others. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and heard.


We emphasize the importance of effective communication. We value both speaking and listening, and we make an effort to understand others’ intentions and desired outcomes. We believe that open and honest communication fosters understanding, trust, and collaboration.


We understand that consistent actions build habits and that we are a product of our habits, and routines.


We believe in the power of simplicity. We strive to take complex topics and make them understandable and accessible to others. We value clear communication.

These core values are the guiding principles that shape our decisions, actions, and interactions within our community. We are committed to upholding these values and integrating them into our daily practices and interactions to create a positive and inclusive environment.

Why We Do It

Our Vision

To establish a business standard where the investment in people is at the center of each business, which includes fostering their growth and well-being, promoting their career development, and ensuring personal fulfillment. This creates a business that is beneficial for achieving its mission, beneficial for the employees, and beneficial for everyone the business interacts with.