Our Process

How We Gain Perspective

We have developed our exclusive business development program, specifically designed to uncover innovative methods to achieve your business goals. What sets our process apart is its customization according to your unique business needs and previous successes. Instead of fitting your uniqueness into a predefined box, we collaborate to build a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with your business.

During the first quarter of our engagement, our Facilitators will work closely with you to explore the aspects that define your business today. This includes capturing the essence of your business, gaining clarity of your operations, identifying your target audience, and intentionally shaping the culture.

This is the most effective starting point for The Outside Perspectives to serve your business as Facilitators and consultants. It is crucial for us to have a clear understanding of who you are as a company, what services you provide, who your target audience is, and the underlying reasons behind your mission, core values, and vision. These answers serve as a vital tool in maintaining alignment across all aspects of your business.

From the second quarter on we will begin to search for inconsistencies throughout each facet of your business that may be hindering the team in achieving it’s goals, and collaborate with the team in discovering how we can optimize our operations and policies to better support where we seek to be in the future.

To support your business in becoming more proactive, we map out a comprehensive growth plan. This plan provides clear direction, anticipates potential challenges, optimizes resource allocation, creates growth paths for employees, and makes collaborative decision-making less daunting.

Once we have established our desired state, we identify any inconsistencies that do not align with your Foundation. Through collaborative efforts with your leadership team, we seek feedback to optimize your policies, systems, and operations, implementing the necessary changes for progress and improvement.

We simplify the approach to your business goals to support the achievement of desired outcomes, with full team support. This process makes the work more understandable, fostering an inclusive culture that encourages problem-solving, feedback, and new ideas. By keeping your approach fresh, you deliver maximum value to your clients and continuously improve your services.

What Perspective Matters?

There are three Core Perspectives that are built into each and every business. 

FoundationMachine, and People. From these perspectives we are able to discover inconsistencies and explore potential solutions with clarity to determine what piece or pieces could be responsible for the misalignment. 


Mission, Core Values, Vision


Policies, Systems and Operations 


Employees, Clients, Partners, Investors 

Beliefs This Process Supports

The belief in human-centric businesses where the real value lies in investment in the growth of our People. 

The belief that our businesses have the power to drive real and meaningful change in the world. 

The belief that our efforts can change the standard of business and create a healthy and desirable balance in the economy. 

Why Our Process?

Leveraging years of experience, we have gathered the best coaching and consulting concepts and techniques to facilitate curiosity, exploration, and community. Together, we’ll unlock your business’s true potential for growth and success. We’ll highlight the Core Perspectives that already exist in your business and by incorporating them into your team’s conversations, we’ll foster a culture that promotes innovation.