What Is Foundation


Our Facilitators work with you through a series of in depth conversations to clearly identify the Foundation of your business and define your Mission, Core Values, and Vision to bring clarity to your unique conversation to answer four questions for your Employees, Clients, Prospects, Partners, and Investors. 

Who Are You?


  • Explore the purpose behind your business’s existence.
  • Create a cause worth rallying behind.
  • Conversation Starter: Why does your business exist?

Brand Persona

  • Uncover the essence of your business if it were a person. 
  • Connect with your business from an intimate perspective. 
  • Conversation Starter: If your business was an individual person who are they at their core? 

Brand Pillars

  • Identify the principles that your business stands by. 
  • Fill the gray areas of our Systems and Processes with intentional morals and best practices. 
  • Conversation Starter: If your business was an individual person what would they stand by? 

What Do You Do?

Core Values

  • Learn what tools your team needs to progress daily to fulfill your mission. 
  • Develop mindset, habits, and routines for your team. 
  • Conversation Starter: How does your team make progress on a daily basis to fulfill the Mission? 

Culture Creation

  • Understand the significance of your values from your team’s perspective. 
  • Consistent actions that represent our business to our clients. 
  • Conversation Starter: What do your values mean to you and your team? 


  • Uncover what sets your business apart, making it truly unmatched. 
  • Stand out to your target audience and prospective talent. 
  • Conversation Starter: What makes your business so unique that you truly have no competition? 

Why Do You Do It?


  • Embrace the change your business contributes to the world. 
  • Purpose for your employees, clients, investors, and partners. 
  • Conversation Starter: What is the change you are participating towards in the world? 


  • Project the positive transformation your actions bring to everyone. 
  • Visualize the value of your business on a larger scale. 
  • Conversation Starter: How does this change create a better world for everyone? 


  • Reap the benefits of participating in this meaningful change. 
  • Speculate what it means to be a part of your business’s initiative. 
  • Conversation Starter: What is the benefit of participating in this change? 

Who Is It For?

Target Audience

  • Pinpoint the group you aim to serve and help. 
  • Get in front of the people you have been looking for. 
  • Conversation Starter: Who are you aiming to serve?

Ideal Client

  • Identify the individual in the crowd you’re speaking to. 
  • Develop a conversation that drives the perfect client to engage with your business. 
  • Conversation Starter: Who is the one individual in the crowd you are speaking to? 

Calls To Action

  • Find out how they can easily connect with you. 
  • Create a Client Acquisition process to transition your prospective clients into clients. 
  • Conversation Starter: How are they finding you? 

Once we establish your Foundation we can move on into defining common industry terms and find solutions to common business challenges specifically for your business to develop an anti-fragile business that is capable of success through the complexities of an unpredictable and volatile economy.